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Welcome to Biodiesel Services Group

Biodiesel Services Group (BSG) is a feedstock procurement and logistics management firm that provides experienced feedstock support to the biodiesel industry. BSG's expertise covers the entire spectrum of biodiesel feedstock procurement. BSG understands the dynamics of the biodiesel industry and the important role that feedstock procurement plays in plant profitability.   BSG does not have strategic relationships with suppliers, nor does it take ownership in biodiesel facilities. BSG is a neutral buyer that represents the plant’s best interest.

Feedstock Evaluation and Procurement

Biodiesel Services Group focuses on the procurement and logistics of biodiesel feedstock.  From early stage planning to execution and follow up, BSG will identify the lowest cost feedstock, develop a feedstock procurement plan, and execute, utilizing the knowledge of procurement experts.  The procurement plan will be tailored to the precise needs of the plant.  As the industry matures and becomes increasingly competitive in challenging economic conditions, BSG provides the expertise and experience to reduce feedstock cost and overhead.

BSG offers a methodical approach with a dedicated team of experienced marketing professionals, trained in the field with a proven track record and years of experience. Contact us today to discuss the procurement needs of your biodiesel facility.

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